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Automatic Flyash brick making machine belt type - 10 Bricks

All new with modern technology. Top Mounted hydraulic power house to prevent from dust & space.

  • Equipped with cutting edge Technologies
  • Superb Innovation Equipment
  • The very latest technologies at the highest level
  • Twin power turbo pump
  • Lower power consumption
  • World’s best PLC control
  • Double cylinder press technology
  • Easy changeable polymer belt
  • High Efficiency heat exchanger



ABMH 8SP Super ultra Belt 10 Bricks System

Hydraulic Motor

15 H.P. & 1440 R.P.M. Flange Mounted

Conveyor System

Width: 600mm. Length: 23 Feet. 3 H.P. Motor with 1:25 Gear Box. Polymer Conveyor Belt.


Hydraulic Free Fill


Height: 2700mm, Width: 1400mm, Length:3500mm.

Weight of Main Body

5500 kg ( 5.5 Tons )

Panel Control

World`s #1 Schneider Make PLC Control with Production Memory and Fault Alarm.

Guide Rod

50mm x 1100mm EN8 Grinded and Hard Chromed

Guide Bush

1st Quality Cast Iron with Derifiline Bearings

Free Fill Tank Capacity

60 Liters

Cycle Time

14-15 Seconds Power Pack High Pressure & Low Pressure

Power Pack

TANDUM Double Twin Pump "Denison" make. Capacity 280 Bars.

No: of Bricks per Cycle

10 nos. 230 x 110 x 75mm

Hydraulic Oil

System 68/45 liters.

Brick Eject Drive

Rubber Conveyor Belt: 4 plyx110mmx800x8000 fitted with Gear Box:1:4 ratio and 2 H.P. Motor.

Max Pressure

250 BAR

Main Pressing Plate Dimension

760x650x105 Single Solid Plate well machined with CNC

Pan Mixer: 500 Kg Capacity

20 H.P. Motor Foot type. 1440 RPM Frame Size: 160
Gear Box: Vertical No:9. Ratio: 1:40.
Carbon Tipped Blade Arms.

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