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Automatic Flyash brick making machine belt type - 8 Bricks

All new with modern technology. Top Mounted hydraulic power house to prevent from dust & space.

  • Equipped with cutting edge Technologies
  • Superb Innovation Equipment
  • The very latest technologies at the highest level
  • Twin power turbo pump
  • Lower power consumption
  • World’s best PLC control
  • Double cylinder press technology
  • Easy changeable polymer belt
  • High Efficiency heat exchanger



ABM 8 - Belt 8 Bricks System

Brick Size

230*110*75 MM

No. of Bricks

8 Per cycle

Cycle Time

12 Seconds

Hour Production


Day Production

17500 Production indicated on cycle time only.

Working Pressure

120 Tons

Hydraulic Motor

 15 H.P

Brick Out Conveyor

 2 H.P

Mix Conveyor

 3 H.P

500 KG Pan Mixer

20 H.P

Hydraulic Oil Capacity

250 Ltrs. Air cooling System

Fully PLC Control Manual


Fully Automatic Selection Modes

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