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Multi Block Auto Stacker Pallet System

Multi Block Auto Stacker Pallet System

  • Equipped with cutting edge Technologies
  • Superb Innovation Equipment
  • Latest technologies at the highest level
  • Twin power turbo pump
  • Lower power consumption
  • World’s best PLC control
  • Double cylinder press technology
  • High Efficiency heat exchanger



MB 3000

MB 6000

Main pressing cylinder

200mm, Stroke 400mm, Rod 150mm -2 No’s

250mm, Stroke 400mm, Rod 160mm -2 No’s

Pilot Cylinder

70mm, Stroke 400mm, Rod 50mm -1 No’s

100mm, Stroke 400mm, Rod 80mm -1 No’s

Ejector Cylinder

50mm, Stroke 350mm, Rod 50mm -2 No’s

100mm, Stroke 350mm, Rod 80mm -2 No’s

System Pressure

240 Bar

280 Bar

Cylinder Pressure

200 x 2 – 400 Bar Max

200 x 2 – 400 Bar

Hydraulic Pump

Turbo Twin System

Turbo Twin System

Cycle Time

Flyash Bricks – 15 Seconds Concrete Block – 16 to 17 Seconds

Concrete Paver-17 Seconds-Single feeding

Flyash Bricks – 15 to 17 Seconds Concrete Paver Double side Feeding– 20 to 25 Seconds

Concrete block-15 to 20 Seconds

Mould Capacity

Flyash Bricks-15 Sec Concrete Paver-6, 400x200x200

Concrete Block 2?No’s, 400x200x150 – 3 No’s ,400x200x150 – 3 No’s

Flyash Bricks-20, Paver -15, 400x200x200-4No’s,

400x200x150 – 5 No’s ,400x200x100 – 8 No’s

Electric Power

Hydraulic Motor-1.5 H.P, Vibrator 6 H.P, Heat Exchanger-1 H.P,

Hopper vibrator-1/2 H.P, Auto Stacker-6 H,P

Main Hydraulic -25 H.P, Pallet

Pusher-5H.P, Heat Exchanger-1 H.P, Vibrator 10H.P, Hopper Vibratore-1/2 H.P, Chain Conveyor-2 H.P, Agitator-% H.P, Pallet Stacker-7 H.P


Vibration / Hydraulic

Vibration / Hydraulic




Pallet Size

800x700x20-1800 No’s

25x1100x20-1500 No’s

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Grade-System 68-450b Liters

Hydraulic Grade-System 68-650b Liters

Pan mixer Requirement

500Kg-1 No’s

500Kg-2 No’s

Color Feeding for paver

Hydraulic Automatic

Hydraulic Automatic

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